Renovation News as of
March 20, 2020
When the project was shut down

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Renovation News as of
February 19, 2020

Going, going, gone—the dinginess in the Christian Education Building

  • David Leslie reports that the new lighting on the second floor of Christian Education Building is spectacular. 
  • The dry wall finishers have been making great progress with the painters following closely behind.
  • Restrooms will get tile next week.
  • Carpet options will be investigated shortly.

Renovation News as of
January 30, 2020

Some portions of the construction project may be temporarily blocked off to public access. 
or your safety, please do not enter marked off areas.

Update for January 30, 2020


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Update for the end of December 2019

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  • Access to the church includes both doors from the parking lot. 
    • The narthex door is ADA compliant into the sanctuary. 
  • The front steps down from the parking lot are available to get to the College Street entrances. 
  • The College Street door outside the temporary office (parlor) is also available. 
  • The office is accessible also from the parking lot after entering either door and proceeding to the back stairway down to and through the social hall.
  •  Current considerations include choosing paint colors, Christian Eduction building radiator restoration (paint), matching historical appearance for the casement design on the new sanctuary doorway, and replacing latching hardware on the double doors into the sanctuary, etc.

Update Dec. 5, 2019

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  • Steps, upper landing and ramp to new entrance are poured.
  • Narthex door opening and access walk are ready for infill.
  • About 85% of new wiring in the CE Building is complete
  • Still air conditioning work to do.
  • New door ways framing appears to be finished.
  • Masonary work is complete except for outside stairway stone railing caps.

Update Nov. 20, 2019

A great milestone has been reached this week.
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  • The asphalt for the parking lot was poured on Wednesday, Nov. 20.
  • Outside brickwork is almost completed.
  • Various parts of the work continue in the CE Building.
  • The steam pipe asbestos has been contained.

Update Nov. 10, 2019

Even with the bad weather this past week, progress has been made.
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  • Parking lot curbs are poured.
  • Front sidewalk (part of concrete entryway in from E. Wheeling Street) has been poured. 
  • Much of the electrical wiring is done in the CE Building.
  • Unfortunately some additional asbestos will need to be abated.

Update Nov. 3, 2019

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Many projects have made progress this past week.
No serious unpleasant suprises have been discovered.

  • Work on renovating the CE Building is progressing well.
  • The parking lot is a busy place with multiple projects being worked on.
  • According to Jenna, the roofers are making a lot of noise.

Update Oct. 27, 2019

A lot has been accomplished, but mostly continuation of on-going items.

  • The block work for the addition/elevator housing is finished and brick veneer is being added.
  • Joists and subflooring supports with steel beams are in place.
  • Back filling and compaction is 90% complete.
  • Grading and compaction for the parking lot has begun.
  • Planned removal of doorways and walls with reconfiguration replacements is mostly complete on the second floor of the Office/CE building. Similar work is in progress on the first floor.
  • Restroom plumbing is stubbed in.
  • The reconfiguration of the hot water heat piping where necessary is ready for leak testing.
  • Steel beams have been placed where needed to support removed internal and external walls. This is in preparation for opening the wall for the elevator entrance door.
  • Restoration of the four historic windows where AC units had been installed in the CE building is mostly complete.
  • Heat has been restored to the Sanctuary.

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Update Oct. 17, 2019

  • Progress is being made in the CE Building for the classrooms/group meeting space.
  • The blockwork for the new vestibule and elevator box is going well.

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Update Oct. 7, 2019

  • The major accomplishment this week was the asbestos abatement in the CE building.
    This permits moving forward on both floors of the CE building.
  • The block laying is 80% completed for the addition and elevator.
  • The doorway steel support for the front of sanctuary is in.
  • There are some finishing tasks for the AC in both buildings.
  • The curb cut from the parking lot to E. Wheeling Street is yet to be started.

Update Sept. 28, 2019

  • Everything which had been stored in the Choir Room has been moved to the Social Hall.
    • The piano was moved to accommodate choir practice.
    • Wednesday Kids' Night with choir practice went well.
  • The Church Office has been moved to the parlor with phone finally working and data lines and copier likewise.
  • Pastor's office remains.
  • The first floor in the office building will be sealed and off limits for about week to abate asbestos floors.
  • A temporary ramp will be in place to access the Sanctuary from the parking lot on Sunday.
    • Limited parking is available in the parking lot for the time being.
  • The new Narthex door will be cut in next week.
  • Limited demolition on the second floor of the CE Building will also begin where needed to prepare for offices and new Choir Room.
  • Limited parking is available weekdays in the Baptist Church lot.
    • Use only the numbered slots with a circle around the number.
  • Use the indicated door on the College Street ground floor to enter the building on weekdays.
  • The CE Building entrances will be sealed.


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9/14/19 Update

  • The College Street side roofs of both buildings are shingled. 
  • The remainder will be completed with the addition roof installation on the CE building and the foundation backfill is completed for the sanctuary. 
  • The gutters to be installed are commercial size and will go a long way to controlling roof runoff, an historical problem.

9/1/19 Update

  • Good progress has been made on replacing the roof on the Santuary and Christian Education Building.  Please see the photos of the new roof by clicking here.

Air Conditioning

9/14/19 Update

  • The ductwork for the AC is in and the air handlers are here and ready to be mounted as soon as the offices are moved to their new temporary location.

Social Hall

9/22/19 Update

  • Electrical and AC construction in the Social Hall, Teen Room, Kitchen and Parlor are ongoing.

9/1/19 Update

  • When the wiring for the new lights and for the AC is completed, access and use of the social hall will be available.  


Christian Education Building

9/22/19 Update

  • Beginning Sept. 23, we will move everything out of the CE Building, including all offices and all other items that we have stored in the Choir Room and elsewhere. 
  • This will include the temporary setup of the offices in the Parlor, Teen Room, and Social Hall.  
  • The only certainty at the moment is that the Church Office will be in the Parlor. 
  • The relocation of data lines, copying, access and phone is scheduled for the 24th
  • The Kitchen will require further cleaning of many utensils, pots, pans, etc. 
    Volunteers are needed for this project.
  • We will use the Social Hall as a “storage” area for all that must be moved, while simultaneously providing a safe area for Junior Church on Sundays. 


9/14/19 Update

  • So far, 50% of the demolition is completed in the CE building. 
  • The floor coverings have been chosen with carpet for the classrooms and the vinyl for the hallways, restrooms and vestibules.  Click here for photos.
  • New doors will be installed.
  • The classrooms will have new counter spaces and cabinetry.

Exterior Work

9/22/19 Update

  • Completion of the French drains and water proofing of the foundation wall. 
  • Backfilling is to within two feet of grade for 80% of it.
  • The reinforced concrete elevator base is complete and the cement block elevator shaft is in progress.
  • The supporting stem walls for the addition have the foundation poured and block laying has begun.
  • Click here for photos.


9/14/19 Update

  • The storm sewer, foundation drains and parking lot runoff conduit to the College Street storm water drainage is done and backfilled. 
  • The front walk is restored. Click here for photos.
  • Landscaping will be done at the end of the project. 
  • The location of the sewer line from the restrooms below the sanctuary was discovered and repaired. 
    Its location and condition has always been a mystery.

Good news about the foundation

  • The project engineers have declared that due to the thickness of the foundation and the additional work for moisture control, the foundation wall will be structurally sound. 
  • That it has stood since 1850 without collapse and with inadequate water control are both in favor of this conclusion. 
  • All in all, the remediation of the wall issues and the already planned water control will go far in resolving the moisture problems that have been there historically.  




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Construction Plans (drawings--as of January 2019)
Provides a brief description of the project and also drawings of both the upper and lower levels of the buildings with the renovated areas shaded in a cream color.

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Preliminary Construction Schedule
Shows the preliminary construction schedule of the project as of May 22, 2019
with description of items and proposed start and finish date.

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May 21, 2019 Letter
Letter to church members about the renovation project.


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